Introducing the

Equality & Justice Alliance

We believe in better laws. Modern laws. Progressive laws. Laws that ensure we all have a voice. Laws that provide us with equal opportunities to work, to access services, to own property, to lead, and to make a positive difference to the communities we live in. Laws that protect us from discrimination and violence. Laws that ensure we’re all treated equally regardless of sex, gender or sexual orientation.

Today not all women and girls, or lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals across the Commonwealth live under such laws. Many continue to face discrimination, violence and even criminal prosecution for just being who they are. This must change. This is why we exist.

What we're doing to create a better, fairer future

We are working closely with governments, policy makers, political leaders, civil society movements and community activists to amend, reform and create laws that equally protect everyone who lives under them.

We are providing a range of technical legal support and assistance to governments and civil society.

We are bringing together experts and champions across the world who can influence and push for change.

We are building intersectional movements and supporting local grassroots initiatives advocating for legislative reform.

Together, we are helping to create better laws, for better lives.