EJA Commonwealth Africa High-level Regional Dialogue
November, 2018
Strengthening Equality and Equal Protection of the Law – Reforming laws that discriminate

The EJA High-level Dialogue brought together 25 senior officials, legislative experts, lawmakers and political champions in legislative reform from across Commonwealth Africa to share experiences of reforming discriminatory laws and policies to advance equality and challenge structural and systemic discrimination. The opening address was given by the Deputy Minister of Justice of South Africa, Honourable John Jeffery and the keynote speech by Independent Expert Member of the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights Professor Michelo Hansungule.

The event provided an opportunity for pan-Commonwealth knowledge exchange and discussion, and the following EJA-commissioned Legal Reform Case Studies were presented:
  • Reform of the Mozambique Penal Code in 2014, by Gender Links Advisor Kubi Rama
  • Reform of the Indian Penal Code and laws related to sexual offences by the Criminal Law Amendment Act 2014 by Indian Supreme Court Advocate Vrinda Grover
  • Incorporating public participation into the law-making process in Namibia, by Namibian Ministry of Justice Secretary to the Cabinet Committee on Legislation, Anél van der Vyver