Civil Society National Country Convening
The EJA brought together civil society organisations and activists in Windhoek, Namibia on 13-15 February to discuss intersections between women and girls' rights and LGBT rights. The vibrant and diverse representations of organisations, from women's rights organisations to those working with sex workers and trans women, was instrumental in creating rich discussions on the importance of intersectionality – both to ensure recognition for the rights of diverse people, as well as to build a movement where a common agenda can be built. Leaders from the women's rights movements shared their personal and political journeys and how solidarity within the women's movement – working together and collective advocacy – was the driving force behind the rights won for women, for example the 50/50 campaign in Namibia in the post-Freedom era.

We're excited that Namibian organisations recognise the strength of intersectional movements and we're looking forward to hearing about their second-round discussions where they will draw up their advocacy plans.