EJA High-Level Commonwealth Pacific Islands Regional Dialogue
This event brought together parliamentarians, leaders and officials from Commonwealth Pacific countries to discuss discriminatory law reform in the context of the Pacific. Participants included parliamentarians and lawmakers from national governments, as well as representatives from regional institutions and civil society organisations.

At the dialogue, youth delegates led the conversation on the importance of establishing spaces where young people can engage with members of parliament, aiming to bridge the gap between governments and young people. Those present agreed that in order to champion inclusion, the legislative process requires the participation of the youth from the beginning, as well as engaging with their families and communities. The discussion also emphasised the importance of moving beyond tokenism. While progress has been made in advancing women’s rights through legislation, political representation still lags with only 7.9% female MPs in parliaments across the region. Delegates then worked together to develop an action plan for greater collaboration between youth and parliamentarians to advance equality and inclusion in the Pacific. Parliamentarians from Tuvalu, Kirabati and Samoa made commitments to advance equality and inclusion.